Two well-equipped cyclists on tour
Two well-equipped cyclists on tour

Touring/expedition cycles

Exploring by cycle is on the up, and manufacturers now produce many machines suited to carrying you and all your kit in comfort. Here we list a number of manufacturers/suppliers that might be of interest when you're looking for a new touring/expedition cycle.

Airnimal Folding Bikes have become one of the most popular folding/touring bikes on the market. Designed with the traveller in mind, providing sufficient carrying capacity/gearing and excellent portability for the touring cyclist.

Dawes Cycles formed in 1926, the company has gone from strength to strength over the years, famed amongst the world of touring cyclists for the production of the 'Galaxy', which has been tried and tested by so many. 

Koga formed as a Dutch bicycle manufacturer in 1974, and later teamed up with the Japanese company 'Miyata', the Koga range provides tough bicycles for tough riding and has been favoured by many for epic world cycling adventures.

Mercian Cycles have been tried and tested by many a touring cyclist, made with precision and quality components since 1946!

Paul Hewitt Cycles provide a frame fitting service, and attract an international customer base due to their commitment to cyclists from all areas of cycling.

Roberts Cycles create hand-built cycles with true dedication and a reputation built up over 50 years, passing on confidence to all who buy from them.

Spa Cycles have been supplying touring/expedition cycles for the travelling cyclist for more than 25 years. They have a wealth of knowledge to offer, and a comprehensive range of quality products to match.

Surly was first formed in the USA in 1998, and today pride themselves on a reputation for building strong,robust bicycles.

Thorn Cycles have developed their own range of touring bicycles over 25 years, and take into consideration the demands of the touring/expedition cyclist. They now offer a number of touring bikes with the ever popular 'Rohloff' hub gears.