Cycling UK's cycle commuting guide
Cycle to work gets you streets ahead ...

Streets Ahead: Cycling UK's classic cycle commuting guide

Cycling to work serves many purposes: it's good for your health, the environment and you're almost always guaranteed to arrive at work, college or school at the same time! Read accounts of regular cycle commuters and gain valuable information to ease you into the world of cycle commuting ...

Cycle travel is reliable and satisfying. It gets you exactly where you want to go with the minimum of stress and complication and the added bonus of a little gentle exercise.

While others head for the gym, you can have your cake and eat it: moderate cycling burns 300 calories an hour – so a half-hour each way commute earns you a guilt-free slice of gateaux.

Streets Ahead - Cycling UK's Guide to Cycling to Work has been inspiring people to cycle-commute ever since it was first published in 2005. It includes the stories of a number of cycle commuters (business, novice, family and long-distance), plus lots of advice on skills, route-finding and the benefits of a daily commute by cycle.