People riding bikes in normal clothing
Everyday cyclists in Europe are a common sight

Drive less, cycle more

It’s all too easy to depend on the car for transport, especially if you have a family. Ben Searle suggests ways to cycle more instead

Car use is decreasing in Britain – most noticeably in London, where cycling has had a resurgence. The population isn’t switching from cars to bikes en masse, but some people are making trips by bike that they would once have driven. Why? To save money; to beat congestion; and for environmental and health reasons.

Regular cyclists know the advantages of travelling by bike and for them, the transition from car trips to cycle trips is easier. But there are still factors that can stop even experienced riders cycling as much as they’d like: where they live; the jobs they do and their choice of schools. So how CAN you spend more time cycling?

Ben Searle's article 'Drive Less Less Cycle More' in Cycle magazine explains exactly how to make the switch from car to bike.