CTC's Campaigns Policy Handbook (2004)

CTC's Policy Handbook (2004) is gradually being superseded by a series of detailed, individual briefings explaining our views on all the topics covered in the original. Where a policy has not been updated and converted into a briefing, the policies stated in the 2004 original still apply.

How to find CTC's campaigning policies

If you are looking for CTC's stated policy/view on any particular subject, please go first to our list of  Views and Briefings, which you can filter by theme.

If you cannot find the policy you want there, it is likely that it has not yet been revised and converted into a Campaigns Briefing. In that case, please refer to the original 2004 Policy Handbook.

The 2004 Handbook will be discontinued as soon as it is superseded in its entirety by our new series of Campaigns Briefings.

If you have any queries, please send us an email.