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Re: First cycle tour - kit advice

IME most European families doing cycle camping use a trailer. Child, toys, and the bulky stuff are then off the bike, other issues disappear. You have the trailer already so use it!

You seem to have a lot of sleeping gear there - quilt and bag 1.6kg! I'm guessing there's a lot of bulk there too - this would be where i'd put some effort in to reducing this. You shouldn't need a 4 season mountain bag, 2/3 season with a silk liner will reduce bulk and weight and needn't cost a lot - take a look in Decathlon.

Whatever, i'd say your biggest challenge is keeping junior occupied!

Re: or in the air - speed trap gets its man?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 5:16pm
DaveP wrote:It doesn't matter now - polygon!This has a ring of truth.

Out on a ride this morning. Gone nearly three hours.
Came home and the parrot cage door is open and no parrot in there.

Now, you may not think that's much of a problem, but the damned thing is destructive in the extreme!
One heck of a beak, and she can chew her way though furniture and woodwork faster than you can imagine. We have damage to cupboards and skirting boards to prove it. You really really need to keep and eye on her.

30odd years old and is as mischievous as you can imagine.

How did she get out?
Where was she?

I eventually found her in our bedroom near Mrs Mick F's shoes. No damage thank goodness!
No damage either to the bedside table or the dressing table, or the carpet. In fact, no damage anywhere.
There was bird poo on the settee in the livingroom, so she'd been there for some time but the place seemed untouched.
Thank goodness.

Getting out, she has done before, and I've never worked it out how she did it ................ until this evening and experimenting.
The door is bolted with a strong spring and latch. She couldn't have worked it to open it "normally" and also when I found the door open, the bolt was still in its closed position.

However, the door is on long hinge pins and she's obviously worked out that if she lifts the door from the bottom as high as it will go and then flexes it outwards, it'll flip over the tab that the bolt rests against. The cage is stout steel and the door is heavy, but a parrot's beak is strong and dextrous ........... and brain is as intelligent as a small human child.

Sounds like I need a padlock .............. and hide the key!

Re: Janet Street Porter

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 5:06pm
And there are no cycling bullies riding through red lights on pedestrian crossings and riding too fast on shared use paths or cycling on dedicated pedestrian paths ?

Of course there are. But to date, they aren't killing as many people per mile as drivers do. And as cyclists, we get it from both sides, careless pedestrains stepping out in front of us, dog walkers knocking us over with their leads and out of control dogs.
As for drivers, I went into town the other day. At just the first lights, three cars went through at red. I lose count of how many drivers break the speed limit when I'm out driving.

Re: or in the air - speed trap gets its man?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 4:40pm
It doesn't matter now - polygon!

Re: Butser Hill - proposed cyclepath for the missing link

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 4:31pm
Update reported as 11 May 2016

The crucial ramp down into the Country Park . . . .

With regards to Section 5 of the scheme, engineers have identified an engineering solution to complete the route and are currently liaising with contractors and suppliers to agree a programme of works.

A further update will be provided on 23rd May 2016.

http://www3.hants.gov.uk/transport-sche ... scheme.htm

Re: Before Pulling In For Car - Indicate or Not ?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 3:37pm
I indicate when pulling in for cars on narrow/single track roads. It tells them you are in charge, and says that are giving way to them very shortly. It stops impatient behaviour.

I also think cyclist should indicate more for example when pulling out to pass parked vehicles. Yes the following motorist should anticipate that you will but you are reinforcing the idea and it put you in command of the situation.

As for looking back yes of course, but if you can spend long enough looking back to get eye contact then that is probably too long that you are not looking forward. Or perhaps that's just me

Even when motorcycling on modern machinery I tend to reinforce turn signals with hand signals where possible.

Re: Cycling from Lourdes to Perpignan

Forgot to say there is a cycle route, the V81 between St Girons and Foix that runs parallel to the D117

http://www.ariege.com/en/what-to-do/pyr ... tainbiking

Re: Cycling from Lourdes to Perpignan

Rather off-topic but I remember visiting Lourdes years ago and was shocked that all those desperate sick people buying their candles were not allowed to actually light them to make them better. Instead they paid for them, left the candle in a "special plays" and officials burnt them later.
And that is the way they burnt them (they lit them with a sort of blow torch/flame thrower thing). Not quite what those desperate believers probably had in mind to carry their prayers to God.


Re: Before Pulling In For Car - Indicate or Not ?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 1:54pm
Vorpal wrote:Surely if someone was using the vehicle for personal use, they can find out by other means?

I would complain. Next time he might put a new cyclist off cycling, or hit a cyclist who hits a pothole at the wrong moment.
I know. And I said the same to others.


Re: Cycling from Lourdes to Perpignan

Most routes you look at will probably go over the mountains as this is why people go to the Pyrenees. I've just tried this with Lourdes to Perpignan and the route looks like it takes you North of the main mountains. I've used it quite a few times for various routes and is does avoid main roads.


Re: or in the air - speed trap gets its man?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 1:26pm
It's probably pining for the Ford...

Re: or in the air - speed trap gets its man?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 12:57pm
Send the old bill round, get him to squawk.

Re: or in the air - speed trap gets its man?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 12:55pm
a crime is a crime. get it up before the beak.

Re: Before Pulling In For Car - Indicate or Not ?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 11:59am
Surely if someone was using the vehicle for personal use, they can find out by other means?

I would complain. Next time he might put a new cyclist off cycling, or hit a cyclist who hits a pothole at the wrong moment.

Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 11:42am
ANTONISH wrote:A few weeks back there was a report of a driverless car in America colliding with a bus. The report said that the driverless car was coming out of a junction at 2mph and the bus (which had right of way) was travelling at 15mph - obviously the driverless car hadn't detected the bus.
Substitute a cyclist for the bus and you would have a familiar scenario.
No, the car was rejoining a lane after (needlessly) avoiding minor road debris. The software which made the mistake was then updated in all google cars so it won't be repeated. A pity we cannot do that with human drivers, because it would mean that we wouldn't repeatedly have the same mistakes killing cyclists.

Cycling from Lourdes to Perpignan

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 16 May 2016 - 11:18am
Hi. I am biking for 10 days in June in the pyrenees and am trying to work out the best route. I'm not keen on cols but just want nice scenery and a bit of a challenge to prepare for RideLondon. Any suggestions on which route tool to use? I have tried plotaroute.com but checked it by doing its suggested route to alexandra palace from camberwell yesterday and it just took me along main roads. Also the times given for different routes are very different from google maps timings. I'm going on my own so keen to get it planned in advance. Any help much appreciated!! Also does anyone know if the main road D117 is ok for cyclists or full of lorries???

Re: Before Pulling for Car - Indicate or Not ?

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 10:49am
PH wrote:I think you just had a bad driver behind you, you're right to complain.....
Bit off the original topic as I had decided to complain, made initial contact (it was Anglian Water) without providing identifying details (yet) and they thought about a bad driver given a official warning on his record caused by a cyclist when "he thought he was such a good driver what he was doing was quite safe", so you create a bad driver who is not angry with these terrible cyclists ...

So, all credit to Anglian Water, they were on the phone to me today explaining about their corporate culture, how they never put pressure on anybody to do anything atall unsafe and how they seek to identify training needs more than give HR more work with "black marks". The gut said how they record and analyse their drivers driving standard (e.g. speed vs speed limits, speed round roundabouts, etc.) and where they find somebody who exhibits habitual poor driving they will provide further training.

But apparently he explained how one challenge they do face is that they also use a lot of contractors who have their Anglian Water logo on their vans and so public cannot tell the difference. From the 1st two characters of the reg we identified it was one of their own vans.

But it also gets worse (for the employee) as it was on a Sat mid-morning and Anglian Water strictly ban personal use and whilst it was possible he was driving to a job (they do work 24/365), the day does make it more likely it was personal use which would also be another major black mark "caused by one of those @£$% cyclists".

So it's all on hold whilst I reflect and I'm probably going to let it pass, the risks being worse than the gain.

But I thought I'd comment that I was impressed that Anglian Water took the complaint seriously enough to call me, to explain their approach and to encourage me to provide full details (and it was a manager from his mobile phone and he was on a site at the time (not some call centre operative there to pacify Mr Angry)).


Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 16 May 2016 - 10:23am
The New Scientist article is essentially a reannouncement of the pods that were announced last year. Nevertheless, it contains some interesting information.

Firstly, we should note that what's announced for the UK is not "cars" but "pods" which will only operate on certain routes. This is much more limited in scope than what Google and others are doing, which is essentially making a car drive itself everywhere. In some ways though the pods are more advanced -- it seems they will be totally self-driving, with no human in charge -- or maybe (more likely) there will be but it's not mentioned. The pods are a step further away from cars in that they don't look like cars. As the "Interior Design" sub-story expands on, self-driving cars will be more like mobile offices/living rooms/hotels/etc than cars; I've thought this to be likely for some time, it's good to see NS saying the same!

Secondly, the terms "chauffeur" and "guardian angel", while perhaps not quite satisfactory linguistically, are useful labels to hang on the processes. "Guardian angel" technology has been creeping into cars for a long time, of course, some obvious examples being anti-lock brakes, parking sensors and those gadgets which turn your lights and wipers on without you thinking about it. It's not such a long step from there to a car which can brake and steer for you in an emergency.

The safety fears over self-driving cars are groundless IMO. There will still be collisions for various reasons but far fewer. The real disaster of self-driving vehicles will be social. With driving made easier, less stressful, cheaper, more comfortable and quicker (intelligent vehicles will cause fewer jams, by talking to each other, negotiating priority at junctions, and not doing stupid things like stopping on a crossroads), it will be even more attractive to even more people. But self-driving cars will not reduce the effects of isolation, both on vehicle occupants and on those marooned the wrong side of a busy road. Urban planning will be more important than ever. Add to this the effects on a whole sector of employment -- lorry drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, pizza delivery scooters -- and think that driving will no longer be an excuse not to be working, and we're in for some upheaval.

Re: Sri Lanka

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 16 May 2016 - 10:02am
I was there Jan/Feb for a month. I then went back a week later, but had to abandon due to death of a friend. It was my 4th trip since 1980.

The Jan/Feb trip was to North and East.

Happy to answer any questions.
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