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Re: New Route Planner

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 19 May 2016 - 10:14pm
matt_twam_asi wrote:I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature (I suspect the latter), but is it supposed to suggest a different set of routes if you click the button more than once?
I'd hope so, it's a nice feature but a bit inconsistent (which might not be it's fault - how is it meant to know the difference between a paved cycleway alongside a dual carriageway and one through lovely countryside). It definitely helps to be able to tell it to calculate another if its first attempt isn't what you want.

Richard - as these circular rides are for leisure, not transport, could urban routes be given a penalty so that there is less propensity for it to generate routes into big towns and cities?

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 9:58pm
One major advantage (for me) with these smartphone apps over direct reporting to Council is that my rides cover 3 different highways authorities and I have no idea where the boundaries are. Often I will know I'm now definitely in <x> Highway Authority area, but quite a bit is harder to know. So the smartphone apps work out from the location which Highway Authority covers the location and reports it to the appropriate authority - when I used to report them, this was a great time saver. Plus a lot quicker filling in details at the hazard (incl a photo) than re-entering details later.


Re: New Route Planner

That looks fan-blimmin-tastic. Thanks Richard!

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 9:21pm
I reported a rather dangerous pothole through the council app.

This one was on a roundabout, not big enough to trouble a car but plenty big enough for a bike and right on the line a bike would take. Reported Wednesday night, cycled that way Friday morning (it was still there Thursday) and the pothole had been well repaired. Was actually quite impressed.

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Re: New Route Planner

Paulatic wrote:New feature doesn't appear to load.
Using IPad iOS 9.3.2

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Have you tried clearing your browser's cache? Just a guess.

Excellent new feature Richard. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature (I suspect the latter), but is it supposed to suggest a different set of routes if you click the button more than once?

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

go into the grubbiest looking bar/cafe and ask, then another, and another. stop a roadie and ask.

EDIT: if the language is a problem for you then take heart that you'll probably have a better outcome because of it...

Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 8:10pm
The completely self-driving car is dramatic and obvious and will certainly encounter resistance both from passengers afraid to trust it and from millions whose jobs are threatened. But your car already takes over a lot of driving functions. Some of them are fairly obvious and minor: some cars have features which decide when to turn on wipers and lights, for instance. But most we don't even think of in this category, though that's what they are. Instead they are presented to us as 'driver aids': like parking sensors, anti-lock brakes and wheel-spin controllers. These will become more and more advanced until there's so little for the driver to do it's not worth doing anything. Other than enthusiasts, of course.

south italy nightmare...help!

Hi guys,
My tour of south Italy is going badly wrong!
My bike was trashed this morning, in an embarassing incident I will share when I get to a proper computer.
In short, 2 wheels wrecked, rear brakes broken, handlebar destroyed, and a badly mangled ortlieb.
After a 5km walk, I got a bike shop that replaced wheels, bar and brakes for 170 euros.
40km later, I realise I have back wheel wobble and gears are slipping.
Tightened up, but still not right.
Does anybody know decent bike shops on my next leg of the journey...
Gioia Taura to Paola tomorrow
Paola to Maratea the day after

Preferrably a wee old man that is cheap, rather than an expensive modern bike shop!
I am running low on cash and time now.

Very long shot I know!

Curiosity and the joy of the internet

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 7:49pm
I have seen an "advert" on the BBC lately for programs etc. It consists of a middle aged man talking about how many galaxies fit within the eye of his spanner, as he builds a wheel. The shop looked a classic old school cycle shop and out of curiosity I wondered where it could be, it was definitely real as vehicles were passing the window. I could see out of the window a shop named "Bangla ca", but that was all. Anyway I thought it must be cafe and did an internet search..... this did lead to a place in london but streetview showed nothing resembling the shop front. Anyway I've just seen it again and could see "fur" just below the main name.... so I thought furniture.

Sure enough the shop is Bangla Carpets and Furniture and is located in Bethnal Green road. A trip to streetview and a 180 degree spin around and there was the mystery bike shop, its Isambaards Cycles probably known to people in that neck of the woods. Really looks an old school bike shop.


What a brilliant resource we have in the internet, a few clicks of detective work and curiosity satisfied . The kids today don't realise how hard that would have been to do 30yrs ago .

Re: New Route Planner

All ok on my iPad. Richard: One day we are all going to bully Queeny into giving you a well deserved knighthood for exemplary services to dreamy, cycle tourists. You are nearing 'David Attenborough' status in my opinion.

Thank you for at least the 17th time [emoji106]

Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 7:36pm
There could be a lot more cars in a driverless car park though, bumper to bumper, door to door, just need to figure out the best way of them being arranged, though this would depend on probability of them being needed soon I suppose. If all cars were driverless, roads could be a lot narrower, pavements/gardens bigger.

Re: New Route Planner

Cycle.travel new feature works fine on my iPad mini; iOS 9.3.1.

Re: Where to leave the car

I don't know the area but we've been successful before by asking the campsite that we stayed in when we arrived. Same would go for a hotel that's not got loads of parking pressure I should think. Otherwise try a local warm showers person either for somewhere to leave it or advice.

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 5:38pm
Psamathe wrote:I used to report loads. But then they took ages to repair and the repairs were as bad as the holes.

I think I'm in the same boat as Ian. I reported many potholes and defects, some were done within 1-2 weeks others took up to 6 months( possibly related to no budget left until new financial year ). The repairs were third rate, in fact irish travellers would have done a better job and we know their reputation.

I think if you put wording such as "this defect is likely to kill a cyclist" it may alert them to respond quickly. I sometimes see the survey van that goes around using ultrasound I think to map the road surface and all defects that need fixing. Obviously it's on a planned schedule so in between reporting is required, it'd be best to send council operatives out on bikes and they'd see the reality of the situation. Utility companies are responsible for many problems, their reinstatement of the road surface leaves a lot to be desired. On fill that hole I left a comment on a report "even the luftwaffe didn't damage our roads to the extent our utility companies do".

Interestingly a road near me was in a shocking state for all the years I've lived here, then the tour of britain comes. A few weeks before whole sections of the road were replaced with perfect tarmac sections.... and I mean really flat and smooth, so it can be done but it was ok for all other cyclists in the years before to risk their necks on it . Also recently other sections of the same road with the tiniest of defects have been arrowed and highlighted for repair? Why, well there is a huge open cast application pending and it seems as much as there is huge local objection it may simply be a done deal, hence the road improvements for heavy traffic. What a world we live in.

Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 5:30pm
While , I think technically the idea of driverless cars is great . I can sit in the back of my car and read a paper , will hopefully take out the driver aggression to cyclists and other road users and allow a more efficient road system etc . I just dont see it happening for at least 50 years. Why , because of human nature will not trust it. We could of had driverless trains . A much easier proposition but the only line using it in the UK is Dockland Light Railway and then still with someone to be responsible for door closing . Birmingham Airport to the train station has a short one that is fully automatic

Pilot less aircraft would be pretty easy . autopilot already does 90 percent, but we still have not one but 2 pilots on each aircraft. pilot error is a major cause of aircraft accidents

Cars are far more complex to program . But the usual rule with technology is it will take far longer to achieve than thought but have a far greater effect than envisaged

Re: Sally Shalloe

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 5:29pm
Lives wasted. Tragic+++

Re: New Route Planner

New feature doesn't appear to load.
Using IPad iOS 9.3.2

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Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 4:56pm
Psamathe wrote:Only thing I found worked was adding a comment along the lines of "3rd time of reporting so maybe time to get my local Councillor on the case ?" and then it would be done within the week - but you'd still have to avoid the repaired patch.

So why disrupt your ride and achieve very little. Yet I do still feel that I ought to be reporting them.
Actually, it sounds like you should see if you can get your local councillor to work on reforming the Norfolk Transport Asset Management Plan because it's clearly not working for cycling (yet again).

Re: New Route Planner

New feature time!

I've just added a "Suggest a ride" button to the route-planner. Enter a start place, click the button, and it'll suggest two or three circular rides you can try. Drag the slider if you want a shorter/longer route, then click the one you want.

It usually comes up with enjoyable routes, especially in rural areas and for longer distances. There's a couple of things I still need to iron out (it sometimes chooses routes that aren't really circular, more like two out-and-back rides) but it's generally fun and fast.

I've also tweaked the placename entry on the route-planner so it autocompletes your typing.

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 4:28pm
We live on a steep narrow lane, and 20years ago they resurfaced it.
Great eh?
Nope, coz they've done very little to it since.

Because of all the rains we had last autumn/winter, the holes that had appeared over the years got worse.
I got in touch with Cornwall Highways and let them know about the issues.
I had a nice polite reply, but was told that the steward(?) would be looking generally and would report any problems. A few months later, SOME of the holes were filled ............... and I could have done a better job of it.

Therefore, I reckon three things:
1. There's not enough money to repair the roads properly .......................... despite Objective One funding for Cornwall.
2. There's a steward employed to do his rounds and keep an eye on the roads .......... just like they employ people to check on street-lights and road signs.
3. Fill That Hole only raises the existing problems that they already know about. Maybe it gets your pet problem to the top of the pile.
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