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incident, worth notifying police

26 March 2016 - 10:50am
two days ago my wife was driving and heard shouting. A cyclist came into view round the corner with a 4x4 aggressively tail- gating behind. as the car overtook the passenger spat out the window at him. The cyclist thought the likely cause is that the road is very narrow and single file under a bridge followed by a long corner so no overtaking practical; add in the fact that it is preceded by a 10% hill. My wife noted the number and spoke to the cyclist who said he was fine, that they were idiots and didn't want to bother following it up. However my wife did contact the police giving the number. When checked the vehicle already had a log of a number of incidents and was due a visit from an officer.
This sort of driver is quite likely to have behaved badly before and is likely to do so again. The more incidents logged against them gives the police justification for following up. So do report all incidents for the good of all other road users. Please

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 10:46am
I see enough cyclists riding like fools to not get especially het up about motorists. A bad road user is a bad road user, and should be discouraged/punished/banned as appropriate.

Re: I Hate Sportives........(Riders)

26 March 2016 - 10:29am
Some people are enjoying cycling differently than how I enjoy cycling. HOW DARE THEY!!!11!!1

Re: I Hate Sportives........(Riders)

26 March 2016 - 10:25am
I can understand a local authority putting a bit of time, effort and money into an event that happens in their area. And I don't see sportive cyclists as a different breed. I've known people who do them, and also tour and commute by bike, and do audaxes. Some people do sportives as a highlight of their cycling year, to break up the monotony of regular life. Live and let live.

Re: I Hate Sportives........(Riders)

26 March 2016 - 10:06am
On Sportives, I don't follow the advertising of such so I have often found myself cycling along a road where an event is going on, my timing that day is lead by my program of fitness etc, lone cyclist so particular to me.

Cycled the Abbots Way from Buckfast to Prince Town (Tavistock) and as I arrived along a very well used bridle path I had to go under all the flags / stuff that was laid on for some event / whatever, I initially felt a bit stupid but why just because I use a well worn public path like I had started walking some 43 years earlier.
I see no problem with using public spaces at any time, ruling is that the organisation on such does NOT interfere with other users in any way.
Such events on datrmoor, not all as some are hardcore aimed at experienced people, are fun events and I can tell by the expression of the competitors faces it is fun, you are unlikely to view me that way that way ever
Sportive is a modern craze that has a charity flavour to it, like it or hate it.

My original gripe is that it takes such paid events to buck up the authorities to do what then planned and have money for, and I am sure that after the event it will return to normal.
The chain gangs that ride at me are no different from groups of peds going the opposite way on any pavement anywhere, know the feeling.

I must move quick and check direction of sportive and that flipping dangerous sign so there is not a problem if I only knew who to contact.
The speed hump removal is also another silly dangerous situation as it slows the traffic just before the exit of cycle path on to highway
Just like cycle paths that exit off pavement at 90 degrees onto a main road, how do you tackle that problem on your bike?

No one is taking all this seriously but they are still paid to pretend to, more politicks and less common sense...............

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 9:54am
I think my favourite is definitely the person who overtakes yards before they want to turn left or right or even stop behind a queue of traffic.
On Thursday I had a bus overtake as it's braking for the traffic at the lights and then swung back to the kerb forcing me to both brake hard and move hard over to the kerb.

It's either mindless or vindictive to the extreme, difficult to say which really.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 9:46am
Any idea what speed the overtaken car was doing, it doesn't excuse the poor overtake but sometimes you get stuck behind someone doing 40, who carries on doing 40 through villages, sod's law the best overtaking places are just out the other side of the village, but you can't overtake them there because they've pulled ahead as they sped through the village, you then catch up with them just as the road starts bending around again up to the next village.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 9:39am
If he's only a few doors away I'd be down there asking him why?

Re: Horses and bicycles - who has priority?

26 March 2016 - 9:31am
Having carefully reread your op, I think you got it right on the day, which is the main thing. Exploring how you feel about it, later, at home, with a cuppa and a digestive (?) seems quite reasonable and there have been plenty of people willing to join you in that

I also find it a bit frustrating to be asked to follow a particular course of action at the precise moment when I was about to demonstrate how nice a person I am by doing it anyway. But it happens... I would expect the rider to have had some sort of mental boundary at which she would need to start taking action if it looked like people might be coming too close. There are plenty of people seem to have no natural caution. You might have only crossed it by a hairsbreadth. At least Please and Thank you featured in the conversation

As for the position of the horses, it occurred to me that if one of the horses (or riders) is either nervous or an unknown quantity, ie. inexperienced, choosing to wait on the verge, in a position where there is traffic whizzing past on one side and cyclists rattling by on the other, would be a bit irresponsible.

I'm saying nowt about whether they should or should not have been there - that doesn't really help by the time you're face to face
I don't see any practical reasons why you shouldn't continue to enjoy using this route. How do you feel?

Thanks for that Dave - I've used this route many, many times and one (very minor) incident certainly won't put me off! Anyway, living where I do, its the fastest and safest route out into "countryside" although many folk on here wouldn't recognise it as such My commute is very urban - partly along the same "A" road although in the opposite direction - so I enjoy cycling out alongside fields and trees.

Even if I was worried about horse riders, I really don't see them that often. Cyclists are by far the most frequent users of the path, followed by joggers and (if I'm out early) people walking dogs. Rarely people just walking, and even more rarely horse riders .

As for the verge - yes, it sounds like sense for an inexperienced horse not to get too close to the traffic. However the verge is very wide. I was estimating its width whilst riding yesterday, and its never less than twice the width of the path, and at the place where I met the rider last week probably getting on for three times. So you're still quite a way from the traffic. Also, as I said in my OP all those pages back, there is a narrower verge on the other side which a horse can walk down (as one was last Sunday). Its too uneven for a bike, and its not kept in as good a condition as the roadside verge which the council mow from time to time but the rider could have used that had she chosen to do so. That was the side of the path she'd stopped on - one step to the horse's left and she'd have been on that verge.


Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 9:30am
Phil Fouracre wrote:What are you complaining about? All normal activity!
Just because it's normal doesn't mean it's right.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 8:34am
Usually texting

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 8:32am
And one of the others is on the phone...

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 7:46am
What are you complaining about? All normal activity! Had one a while ago, overtook, and didn't even see the pedestrian refuge and almost hit it!
Please bear in mind that if, as the stats claim, 13% of the population have an IQ of less than 75/80 that means that one in eight people on the road really are stupid

Does this annoy anyone or just me?

26 March 2016 - 2:04am
Whilst on the roads I see many examples of selfish driving or driving on autopilot oblivious to other road users, tunnel vision. Today I encountered an example that happens all too often nowadays, it annoys me as I feel it puts the cyclist in an unnecessarily vulnerable position. So here it is:-

I'm on a single carriageway( medium width ) road travelling eastbound at reasonable pace. On the opposite side, westbound, is a car approaching and travelling at a speed that the driver following it wasn't happy with. They immediately overtook into my carriageway and came flying at me and past me at around 70mph. The car being overtaken blared their horn( even they weren't happy with the driver ), I sat up shook my head and put my hand up as in "Why?". About 300 yds further up the road for them is 1mile of 30mph zone through a very large village. This happens often nowadays on the single carriageway national speed limit roads where I cycle, personally I think you should overtake when the opposite carriageway is empty and if a cyclist is present don't overtake until they've past. Treat them like a car coming towards you.

Anyway as the car came flying at me I realised it was someone who lives a couple of doors away , so I'll not be popular .

Just before this I had a car overtake me in the 30mph zone into a pedestrian refuge, so they cut in to avoid it, then they put their indicator on to turn right and braked to a halt . Absolutely clueless.

Re: Oh the irony!

25 March 2016 - 10:02pm
Bicycler wrote:I looked it up last night ( third diagram down) and in truth I was surprised too. Then again, I would have sworn that amber light periods vary.
In all fairness I thought that too up until a couple of years ago.
Then I timed a few and it turned out that any variation is all in my mind...

Re: Wrong Bike?

25 March 2016 - 9:45pm
PH wrote:pwa wrote: I would not dream of pushing the extra weight of my tourer's frameset, even with lighter wheels, around a 300km audax ride. So for me the two bikes complement each other.
It's good that you've useful differences between your bikes, but depending of many factors (Not least the rider) that isn't always the case. How much is that extra frame weight? Mine is less than 400g, both steel frames with steel forks, tourer is a 1" steerer compared 1 1/8th on the Audax, tourer 2mm larger down tube and longer chain stays. They're not identical to ride, but the difference isn't significant enough to stop me using either on 300km Audaxes* without feeling any disadvantage. It wasn't planned to have two such similar frames and I've built them up to be considerably different bikes.

* I've also done one flat 300km Audax on my considerably heavier, flat bar, Rohloff hub, hybrid/Trekking bike. It felt slower all the way round, but without realising it I spent less time off the bike and finished in the same sort of time.

I reckon my audax bike weighs about 23lb (in old money) with guards and rack. My tourer is probably nearer to 30lb with guards and rack. 7lb would be quite a bit of extra weight to push around a 300km audax route, especially one with plenty of hills. I'm sure I could do it if I had to, but I'd prefer not to have to. And the lighter bike is also the more comfy. The tourer is probably stiffer to cope with heavy loads. All in all the audax bike is a nicer ride. Both bikes are set up to give me the same position.

Re: A positive thread

25 March 2016 - 9:00pm
Wonderful day today. Vernal equinox passed, summer bike liberated, sunny, killer mile up Mow Cop conquered.


Re: A positive thread

25 March 2016 - 8:57pm
Si wrote:Amazing weather today!

Did my first 30+ mile ride since my kneecap split in two last year. A bit painful at times (note to self: don't chase roadies up hills), more than a bit tired but very content now.

Got hit by my first big bee of the year, and swallowed my first fly of the year....Summer's here (oh, is that the forecast for tomorrow...maybe not)
Nice one, I also did a 30 miler today. Gorgeous day, probably the warmest of the year so far.

Re: Horses and bicycles - who has priority?

25 March 2016 - 7:24pm

if you'd do me the courtesy of reading my OP - yes, I realise its a few pages back now, but you've obviously jumped into the discussion without doing so - you'll understand the events of last Sunday. One specific event, which I raised on this forum.

Not sure I appreciate being called a "professional victim"


Re: I Hate Sportives........(Riders)

25 March 2016 - 7:02pm
And I would never take anything from the organisers ... technically theft I believe ..... no offence taken Pete , you make some good points ..
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