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Re: rain

10 April 2016 - 1:09am
I had a few spots of rain at the beginning of my commute to work today and had a shadow chasing me as I got close to work.

Re: Dogs on cycle paths - how many where you live?

9 April 2016 - 11:48pm
I'm a driver.
We don't have motor roads in my area*.
We have shared use pedestrian, horse, and vehicle roads.
Should dogs generally wander free until another road user approaches at which point the owner can call it to heel or put it on a short lead? After all, what is the worst case? That these other road users have to STOP?
Surely not a problem unless you believe these shared roads are for time trialling.
*Actually we do have one or two

A bit ridiculous perhaps, but there's a serious point here. Surely our national cycle network ought to be a network optimised for cycling, where cycling is quick and convenient. Cycling on a cycle route shouldn't be a slower, more subservient experience than using the roads.

As a point of information, the legal status of many shared use paths is "cycle track".


9 April 2016 - 11:18pm
We had mixed sun and clouds (and a little rain) today. There were some threatening looking clouds on the horizon for some time without bringing any rain. I puttered around the garden and did a few other things, then went for a bike ride. I had about an hour before I needed to go back, make some phone calls, and start supper.

Five minutes into my ride, it started raining. I rode through the rain for about half an hour, then headed back. It started clearing up on my way home, and by the time I got home, there was no rain, and surfaces were mostly dry.

I asked Mr. V, and he said that while I was out, they just had a few fat drops, and the rain passed them by. I must have ridden into it, though it wasn't obvious in the cloud formations.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

9 April 2016 - 10:02pm
MikeF wrote:I've had that occur whilst driving a car. But whilst (correctly) cycling around a mini R/A I've had cars go round it in the wrong direction so they can overtake me.

There really are some impatient people on our roads. When I'm in a car and it's done( normally on a dual lane road entry to R/A with a single lane exit on the R/A ) it still triggers my racing instinct to "head em off at the pass" . But most of the time I restrain myself, let them go to hassle someone else.

The amount of close high speed passes and silly manoevres we encounter as cyclists made me think of the famous line on the clip below:-

And a great theme tune too.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

9 April 2016 - 9:32pm
old_windbag wrote: Then on return leg I was passed by a Volvo estate whilst crossing a medium sized roundabout. The car had effectively used the right hand turn lane to do the overtake on me and cut ahead. I've had that occur whilst driving a car. But whilst (correctly) cycling around a mini R/A I've had cars go round it in the wrong direction so they can overtake me.

old_windbag wrote:The back window was down with a 3 or 4yr old child hanging out shouting "get on the cycle path" . Start them young so they can carry on the shout as adult car drivers. But they're probably "cyclists too" . There's plenty of room in a Vovlo to carry bikes to out of the way places!

Re: Cyclist swept away but OK

9 April 2016 - 8:37pm
This is probably where he was washed away, I decided not to get my feet wet.
You cant see in this picture but water is moving left to right at about 5 mph 18 - 24 " deep.

Re: Butser Hill - proposed cyclepath for the missing link

9 April 2016 - 8:21pm
Graham wrote:Nasty surprises to date :-
1) Cyclists Dismount signs alongside the narrow footpath on the railway bridge.
To be fair, the exceedingly narrow footpath at the northern end of the railway bridge is governed by the badly executed roadway and so, in the absence of a "Cyclists take really extra care" sign, the dismount one is the best compromise. Any cyclist losing control there is in real danger of being wiped out by a car coming up behind them on their side of the road. So dismounting is possibly the best idea anyway!

Are we going to start a sweep on the Opening Date for the path? My 4d worth is September (but I'm not prepared to state which year).

Re: Sherwood Pines to Pleasely off road

9 April 2016 - 7:26pm
Thanks Treva, I think I've identified a way through by Kings Clipstone, then south of Market Warsop, then south of Shirebrook but then I have about a half mile gap prior to Pleasley unless we can bike through Pleasley Park.

Re: Butser Hill - proposed cyclepath for the missing link

9 April 2016 - 6:08pm
Thanks Clandyfield.

Phew indeed !! Thankfully, abandoning the incomplete route was not a viable option - as it broke the terms of the original grants. ( In which case they would have had to refund the grant money. )

I do hope they are not going to present us with some (more) nasty surprises.

Nasty surprises to date :-

1) Cyclists Dismount signs alongside the narrow footpath on the railway bridge.
2) The undrained, mud&debris-pool just north of the railway bridge.
3) The alarming cross-slopes on the crossings of Mapledurham Lane.

Re: Butser Hill - proposed cyclepath for the missing link

9 April 2016 - 5:03pm
Graham wrote:Despite searches, I cannot find any further info about the outcome of this meeting / approval.

The Executive decision has been made - see document(s) linked in my previous msg.
"The decision:
1.1. That the Executive Member for Environment and Transport approves the revised Project Appraisal Update for Petersfield to Queen Elizabeth Country Park Cycle Route as outlined in the supporting report.
1.2. That the Executive Member for Environment and Transport gives approval to procure, spend and enter into the necessary contractual arrangements for the implementation of the improvements to the Petersfield to Queen Elizabeth Country Park Cycle Route, as set out in the supporting report at an estimated total cost of £1,565,523, representing an increase on the original estimate of £477,523, which can be funded from existing identified resources.
1.3. That authority to make minor variations to the design or contractual arrangements be delegated to the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment."


Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

9 April 2016 - 11:51am
[quote="old_windbag"]One problem in small close knit communities is you become "oh you know what that grumbly bloke over there said"

The grumbly bloke is a often a hero. There is a film coming out soon, a"A man called Ove", from Sweden. The blurb says: we all know someone like this who reports parking offences. Unfortunately I do not know anyone like this ;-(

Re: Dogs on cycle paths - how many where you live?

9 April 2016 - 7:27am
We don't have any cycle paths in my area.
We have shared use paths, pedestrians, horses and cycles.
In fact I cannot think of any cycle paths in the UK, they are all shared access.
Im not including the half metre of pot holed tarmac the wrong side of a white line that passes for a cycle path in urban areas.
Dogs are never a problem, just say hello to the owner and smile and they will normally call the dog to them or shorten the lead.
After all what's the worst you may have to do?
How is that a problem unless you think shared paths are for time trials.

Re: Dogs on cycle paths - how many where you live?

9 April 2016 - 12:03am
[XAP]Bob wrote:Also bells are notoriously fragile.
You're only supposed to ring them.
However one of mine's only a cheap Zefal one and I did need to put a blob of glue on the top to keep the metal tight on its plastic pillar. Hell of a ping on it though!

Re: Sherwood Pines to Pleasely off road

8 April 2016 - 4:49pm
Not sure there is one. The Mansfield conurbation and Shirebrook get in the way, so you are going to have some riding on urban roads unless you divert far to the south or north. You can ride off road as far as Vicar Water, but you are then on urban roads through to Sutton to pick up the Skegby trail.

You could follow NCN6 down to Newstead Abbey, then ride into Sutton in Ashfield and pick up the Skegby trail. Or you could follow NCN6 north to Clumber, then there's a pleasant lane that takes you alongside the lake to Cuckney, then pick your way through the lanes to Pleasley, via Nether and Upper Langwith.

Re: Old A roads

8 April 2016 - 3:48pm
Beautiful sky there.

Re: More navigation options...

8 April 2016 - 3:15pm
"This Compass Is Made for Geographically Challenged Cyclists"
They know me!

This sounds a brill idea for numpties like me who can get lost in their own kitchen

More navigation options...

8 April 2016 - 2:37pm ... escription

The Beeline.

Basically gives you a direction arrow and distance to your destination.

If you want to add waypoints you can (so if there are a limited number of places to cross a river, or a railway line, or a motorway)

Re: Old A roads

8 April 2016 - 1:12pm
The 'old' A1 to the north of Fairburn village, but still south of Ledsham turn-off (Holyrood Lane)

When it was singled, all that happened was that the planings were piled up, & grassed over

It's the old northbound, that is heaped

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

8 April 2016 - 10:48am
I'd have to admit that pre-cycling( age 32 ) I was a less considerate driver than now as a cyclist. But another factor has a part, I was in my 20's and lived for the moment. Unfortunately all too often that moment can lead to court and a spell in prison when it all goes awry, and for some it does and a life of regret can ensue. I was slowing down in my late twenties and was reading the IAM drivers book( which I owned a copy ), plus "Roadcraft" the police advised book, then started cycling and that just brought it all home as to consideration for all slower road users and road crossers. It also brings home "average speed" which many car drivers don't appreciate( the bursts of excess speed that gain very little in overall journey time ). I'm not for car culture or using cars to show wealth but I wanted to simply treat driving as a skill to improve on and enjoy. To avoid hard braking because I hadn't read the situation ahead properly, to be aware of potential unexpected hazards etc.
I do feel that everyone should have to experience life on two wheels as part of their driving tuition, plus I think we should all have access at test centres to driving various vehicles, flat bed trucks, artic's, tractors... in a safe environment but to bring it home how it is from their perspective when sharing the road. Driving is a skill that everyone should be encouraged to try and improve without financial penalty. Lets have safer roads and fun places( circuits ) for everyone to enjoy their cars speed safely.

Re: Does this annoy anyone or just me?

8 April 2016 - 8:21am
Last week we were up in Cumbria, driving. Two cyclists in front of us.
They were singled up, with a big space in between ( on a road with one wide lane each way, that's far slower to overtake than two abreast, but I know other drivers whinge if people ride two abreast for some weird reason). Overtaking both at once would have been dangerous if not impossible on that road due to their distance apart.

We overtook into the gap, and were driving slowly, well clear of both bikes, staying well back from the one in front to make it clear we weren't hassling, waiting for a long clear space to overtake safely.

Small van comes up behind at speed, overtakes bike behind us seriously close, and roars right up behind us, brakes hard, and blasts on horn.
It must have scared the rider behind us, and I was concerned that the bike in front might think it was us hooting.

I think that what happened was that he came up behind us all at high speed, failed to judge our speed, failed to see the second bike in front of us, thought there was one bike and that we'd only just overtaken it, and assumed we'd then roar off at speed, so blared the to horn to tell us to get a move on as he was unexpectedly having to brake hard because we weren't speeding up.

People just don't observe properly when they drive, and don't approach situations carefully until they have fully assessed them.

He then tailgated us for the next few miles, even after we'd overtaken the bike, but despite opportunities on straight empty roads, didn't overtake us. OH thought that as it was a commercial van and we were doing the road limit, he might have been restrained by his tacho.
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