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Play on Pedals Instructional Videos

Play on Pedals blog - 2 December 2016 - 10:25am

Play on Pedals has been working with Cycling Scotland to create 7 Instructional videos for getting young children cycling.

These videos guide you through balancing, gliding, control, pedaling and developing cycling skills, offering fun games and top tips to help get your children moving.

You can watch the series over at Cycling Scotland’s Youtube here 

Huge thanks to Derby Street Nursery for their participation and to 29 Studios for doing such a great job!


Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 1:23pm
Mick F wrote:If I were to report every pothole I see locally, I'd be on the site permanently.

I was taught the moon was made of cheese. It isn't. Somerset's roads are [emoji853]

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 11:21am
Mick F wrote:It's been years since I reported any.

Today, out for a ride, I counted 21 potholes between Tavistock town centre in the affluent county of Devon to the county border. 4.5miles of A390.
From the border over the bridge into the EU Objective One funded county of Cornwall to the village of Gunnislake, I counted 25 potholes. This is still the A390 but this distance is only half a mile.

Report 'em all??????

This is before I even count them on the minor roads.
They are too numerous to count.

Cornwall Council do seem to have a lot of money available for the up-keep of the highways. When I went back at Easter, on Good Friday there was a huge road sweeper cleaning a lane (which appeared pretty clean already) on the outskirts of Troon (population ~ 5000). Anything to do with double time?

Re: Sally Shalloe

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 11:10am
It was said on the TV report that street furniture did play a part in the collision. There a large grey cabinet on the central reservation, that obscures the view of traffic in the outside lane for anyone waiting to cross at the toucan crossing. So the cyclist waiting to cross, couldn't see the approaching motorcyclist and vice versa. You can see the cabinet in the 3rd photo in this report:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-no ... e-36286775

No excuse for the totally irresponsible motorcyclist though.

Re: Where to leave the car

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 20 May 2016 - 10:32am
Same as above. I offer the campsite a "fee" for leaving my car, and so far they have said yes to leaving the car and no to my offer of money.

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 9:32am
Fill that hole is good in that you don't have to know the authority to deal with, it handles that for you. Having said that I posted that a 100yd section of a major A-road( dual carriageway ) was in serious disrepair and potentially dangerous. About 2 weeks later I receieved an email via fill that hole, "Dear Mr Windbag the road in question is not part of our authorized network you must contact the highways agency". I thought sod it I'm not chasing around when you could forward my email, then about a week later the whole 1-200yd section was resurfaced, and repainted . On a dualled A-road I think it was either a good response from those responsible or my timing fitted with their plans anyway?

Beyond that I responded to a repair on fill that hole via the email reply saying leave comments about the work done. I did as the repair was comlete rubbish, I then got an email from CTC saying the authority wouldn't have seen my response as they don't go through...... ehhh? So not sure about that part of it.

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

We were there in Southern Italy about three weeks ago and found the coast road from Maratea northward around the Cilento Peninsula to Agropoli to be very pleasant. In two weeks cycling met only two other (Canadian) cycle tourists!

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 8:46am
mjr wrote:Fix my street emails me every month to ask if reported problems have been fixed. Highways have an incentive to mark things as fixed regardless.
My problem is remembering where the ones I've reported were. If on a ride you report 10, then 10 next ride, 10 next, remembering to note in the 1st 10 have been repaired a month later is beyond me (without turning it into a massive administrative task).

Certainly on Fill My Hole website Norfolk were never marking any repairs they made as having been repaired. The site does have rankings, and I'd have thought the Council would be keen to look good on the rankings. But if they are not aware of the rankings or if the site has too low a profile or it is just a fiddle to make complete I guess the extra work isn't worthwhile.


Re: New Route Planner

Glad people like it! Clicking it twice for new routes is 100% intentional. Broadly speaking, it works by choosing a bearing (e.g. due north), and looking for a route around that bearing. Clicking the button again chooses a new random bearing.

The urban issue is interesting. cycle.travel already has a slight overall penalty for routes in cities, mostly to stop long-distance routes gratuitously swerving into cities where there are lots of traffic-free routes (e.g. Birmingham on LEJOG). Ultimately I'd like to "paint" each route with some sort of attractiveness score - so the Regent's Canal towpath, for example, is more attractive than the roadside path along the A4 in West London. But doing that with standard database queries is really slow. I think I know how I can do it, but it'll require some pretty complex coding. Would be fun though...

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

Will watch this thread with interest. Gioia Tauro is infamous as a hotbed of the fearsome 'ndrangheta, who some have said make the mafia look like pussies. A very substantial part of Italy's trade goes through the massive port and that organisation makes sure that it gets its cut of everything.

Re: Sally Shalloe

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 8:15am
A very sad case. And so ridiculously unnecessary. I have often wondered at the mentality of motorcyclists who ride like that. It's not all motorcyclists, of course. There are lots of good ones out there. Some cyclists I know are motorcyclists. But there is a tribe of lunatic motorcyclists who seem to see their activity as a sort of video game, dodging, diving and positively embracing risk. Risk is the thrill. And because of that I don't think the length of sentences will make one iota of difference to their behaviour. They risk their own lives with what they do, so why would prison deter them? What might influence them is increasing the chances of getting caught. Detection. I hope that GPS devices might help with that in the not too distant future. Imagine if every motor vehicle had a "black box" constantly reporting position and speed. Spot checks at motorcyclists cafes on bank holidays to deal with anyone not carrying an active device. It may strike some as "snooping", but I don't care about that if it protects our loved ones from the nutters.

Re: New Route Planner

It's quite nice to go take a look at a big city on two wheels, isn't it?

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 20 May 2016 - 7:47am
Fix my street emails me every month to ask if reported problems have been fixed. Highways have an incentive to mark things as fixed regardless.

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

I recently (3 weeks ago) rode from Amantea down to Gioia Tauro. After two days of dealing with uninteresting sights and lots of traffic, I took the train from Gioia Tauro to Messina (ferry to Messina). My advice would be to take the train up to Maratea and save yourself the torture of riding that portion of the coast.

The road north from Maratea is much prettier.

Bikepacking Handlebar Bag for Surly Big Dummy

Cycling UK Forum - MTB - 20 May 2016 - 6:08am
Could anyone make a recommendation for me please?

So far I've looked at the new offering from Ortlieb and I've glanced over Alpkit's kit. This is for my Surly Big Dummy which essentially has a MTB set up in front hence deciding to post in this section.

Is @Bigdummysteve still out there?

Thanks in advance...b

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

Many thanks...looks like Maratea or bust!

Re: south italy nightmare...help!

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 20 May 2016 - 12:10am
I see there's a Decathlon in Gioia Tauro, out on the Via Nazionale ss111 just south east of where it crosses the a3, which is the opposite of what you asked for but may be of use anyway.

Or, on the ss111, 200m SE of where it meets the ss18 is Barbaro Moto Yamaha, a moto shop with some pics of (pedal) bikes on exterior.
Via Strada Statale 111, 49, 89013 Gioia Tauro RC, Italy

I came upon a cycling blog saying how dreadful Rosarno was in 2015. Racial tensions, black guys on bikes, white guys in cars, piles of rubbish everywhere, just a bad scene. But if you get towards Maratea, things look up! http://www.bikemotorpoint.com/ seems like a good repair bet if you need one towards the end of day 2.

Re: Fill the hole website

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 10:49pm
Tangled Metal wrote:Forgive me but why disrupt your ride? I pick a few bad ones or those that are part of a run of holes that I consider to be together. I then remember where they are as I keep riding. I then use Google maps that's part of the reporting site to mark the approximate site. I also put in the comments bit a brief description of their location. I figure they'll drive along the section and see the problem from that. I don't see why you need to even slow down more than you needed to in order to safely negotiate the pothole.

I report as many as I am confident of describing the accurately enough. Then the next ride I'll pick some more do it in bits on each ride but no need to stop. They'll not expect measurements, photographs or a truly accurate description.
I initially tried that but we have so many and remembering I was too "greedy"- I'd remember a few, see some worse ones and add those, then forget which corner the 5th one was on then see a really terrible one ...

In fact it was pretty bad even remembering which ones I had reported (when out riding) having used the Smartphone (as the app does/did not show you existing reports and so many re-appear within a month of repair. I ended up reporting a load in each direction, waiting a long enough to expect them repaired (or until I spotted recent repairs) then that direction was re-reported and if they got a duplicate then they should have fixed it on the previous report. (When you have reported lists at 300+ remembering them is too much for me.

Measurements can be important as my main local Highways have certain "thresholds" on repair times. From memory, if it was 4" deep then it took a higher priority than <4", etc. But I never exaggerated (you (and the system) would quickly lose credibility if you kept reporting it as a sinkhole and when they arrived they found a 6"x6"x0.5" hole. I tended to include my foot in the photos so they'd get an estimate of size and add a depth if it was 4" or deeper.

I don't know what the report to the Highways contains, but one great weakness of these systems is clearing down fixed holes. It would be great if the e-mail to Highways reporting the hazard also included a web link for them to click to record the hazard as fixed (bit like those registration verification e-mails. It it is real easy to clear the fault I'd hope they would take the few moments to improve their ranking in the system. This sort of think takes the operator of the system to communicate a bit with Highways. Ideally Highways would use Open311 systems which would make life easy to report and for people to check on progress.


Re: Where to leave the car

Cycling UK Forum - Touring & Expedition - 19 May 2016 - 10:04pm
Ditto, we have left the car at:- YHA; Scotland and Ireland, campsites in Poland and Scotland, or hotel....... offer a donation or they may have a small charge .. think in Poland the charge was equivalent to about £5. Scottish campsite it was probably around £20.

Re: Driverless cars in UK this year

Cycling UK Forum - On the road - 19 May 2016 - 9:57pm
Don't get me wrong but i do not totally dismiss the idea of co-owned whistle up when needed driverless cars, that are stored in some sort of peripheral car park.... but do wonder just how regimented a system this could be......
My life is not regimented, we can go off out for the day; ok for example a couple of weeks back.. went to a tandem race we had intended to perhaps go out for a ride afterwards, but weather was a bit yeuk, and i had damaged my elbow in a fall the previous day... we changed plans at whim, went off to Flamborough short walk before it rained, mosied on home on a spontaneously chosen route, called in at A+E Bolton to confirm damage to elbow....
How progammable or unprogrammable would such cars be???
Are we heading to a 1984 society where we live a regimented life style and the car turns up to take us to our destination by one route only and choice and deviation is taken away......

And yes you should know by now that i like to provoke thought by playing devils advocate....
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