2004 Winners

The awards committee of CTC national council has announced the winners of CTC’s new Volunteer of the Year Competition.

Chair of Council Andy Cook said “This is a recognition of the outstanding contribution volunteers make to the life of CTC, and the impact they have on the lives of their fellow cyclists. I am personally delighted to see such a range of activities, from local groups to campaigners. CTC council is proud to have launched these awards in the Year of the Volunteer and we look forward to celebrating with the winners at the national dinner later this month.”

Commenting on the awards CTC Director Kevin Mayne said “The two things that come to mind when reading the citations for all the entries are the extraordinary commitment shown by the volunteers who make local and regional cycling happen, and the sheer diversity of their activities.”

The following extracts were taken by the judges from the citations sent by their nominees, in several cases coming from a number of people to reflect the reasons why these individuals were chosen for 2004.

JOHN TAYLOR Joint National Winner and CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for Scotland

John has been active as a volunteer for CTC for nearly 20 years and at the age of 75 is still seeking and promoting innovative cycle projects. He is recognised as one of the leading advocates who has done much to bring off-road cycling in Scotland to what it is today, a significant leisure industry and a source of income and jobs in remote rural areas.

At local level John has fought tirelessly for cycling in Dumfries and Galloway, has established the ‘Discovery’ rides, aimed at local people and those who cycle little, and he was a founder of the KM rally.

However it is particularly for his work at the Scotland-wide level that John is recognised for an award this year. He has represented cycling interests in the development of the legislation on access, which is now coming to fruition with the launch of the Outdoor Access Code and Guidance to Local Authorities, enabling the Act come into force. John has been appointed a member of the Scottish National Access Forum to represent cycling and has set up an advisory group to which all cycling groups can contribute. This is a ground breaking achievement in access for cyclists and recognition of John’s 20 years of work in the area.

KAREN SUTTON Joint National Winner and CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for North West England

Karen Sutton was a new DA Secretary in 2003 but within a year had transformed a stagnating DA into a vibrant organisation. In 2004 she organised several hostel weekends plus a picnic bringing members of various sections together on memorable occasions, making our members realise that the CTC had much more to offer than a bi monthly magazine.

The one reason, more than any other that she received this award is for her organisation of the Peak Birthday Rides, for it was Karen and Karen alone who convinced the committee that the impossible could be achieved at short notice. With that hurdle overcome the hard work began, she delegated very little work, the job in hand had to be done properly, so she did it herself, overcoming all the hiccups along the way. The only assistance she requested was an army of volunteers throughout the week to work under her supervision.

The event itself was recognised as an outstanding success and received tremendous feedback from visitors.

Karen does all this while having a busy job and young family.

CHRISTOPHER CROSSLAND CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for Yorkshire & Humberside

Christopher is the lynch pin of the Halifax Section of the CTC, with activities that include ride and event organising, social activities, campaigning and encouraging others to ride. He has won this award because of the sheer scope of his activities and the energy he puts into his volunteering.

He organises standard and Audax rides, mans controls, sees that people get help with mechanical faults and provides very good food at controls! He puts together the twice yearly runs lists for the section; he leads many Sunday rides and has led the Wednesday evenings rides for the past 5 years.

In the summer he has turned his attention to commuters trying to work with Calderdale Council. During the winter he helps in the club room with weekly meetings making tea showing slides etc.

Christopher has ridden the Paris Brest Paris 3 times successfully and London Edinburgh London he still encourages people of whatever level to have a go, the impact he has had on most people whatever age or standard is outstanding.

REG POTTER CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for West Midlands

Reg Potter is a longstanding member of the CTC and has held office in other local and national cycling bodies. He is recognised for efforts over many years in furthering the cause of cycling and more particularly safe cycling within the Borough of Telford & Wrekin, all conducted with consistent good humour

Highlights in 2004 were:

Chair of the Telford & Wrekin Bicycle Users Group.

On site analysis and reporting of every road infrastructure project at the design stage. This is by request of the Borough Network Management team. Without this input final schemes would be far less cycle friendly

Carried out a signing requirement analysis of NCN 81 and NCN 55 in concert with the Borough Transport Officer

He has surveyed routes and provided design input to the 2004 Telford area cycling map. This map has been critically acclaimed and described by users as much superior to previous versions

Reg has worked alongside Transport Officers from the Borough to ensure that promised works are actioned and targets are met. Reg is relied upon to give a balanced view which will further the cause of cycling in a reasonable manner.

MAX SCOTT CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for East Midlands

Max Scott is the DA secretary for the Northamptonshire and North Bucks DA.

He receives this award for the breadth and commitment he shows to the DA and cycling activities in his area. Max is a real asset to cycling and cyclists and goes out of his way to help those interested in cycling, as well as his DA role he is a CTC Right to Ride representative covering a wide range of topics.

This includes his continuing work as DA Secretary, his efforts in local and county council cycling liaison committees, runs, hostelling and tourist trail organising, helping to start Wellingborough cycling forum and a CTC section in Northampton, producing runs lists and other literature relating to cycling and cyclists

In addition to this he is a vigorous supporter of national CTC activities and has greatly encouraged the DA to take part in events like the Birthday Rides, playing a key role in the 2002 rides at Milton Keynes.

This commitment is more than his own time; he uses his home for monthly evening meetings to support cycling he is genuinely the hub of the cycling community in his area.

PAM NELSON CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for East of England

Pam is regarded as a “new face” in the Colchester area having started actively campaigning in recent years, when she joined her local cycle campaign. In the last two years she has become one of cycling’s most vigorous advocates.

She has been active with the public and the local authorities. She deals with a wide range of transport and health issues, not just cycling. She has raised the profile of cycling locally, particularly through her cycle training work. She currently works with “Living Streets”, “In Town Without my Car” and the “Colchester Grand Prix” cycle race.

She has taken a leadership role on cyclist training, setting up a Cycle Training team in north east Essex, being used this year by local employers.

Pam has endless enthusiasm, both behind the scenes and getting out and networking. She puts in many hours to persuade opinion formers how cycling can contribute to their own agendas. Her willingness to work with a large number of people, from a wide range of backgrounds, has helped raise the profile of cycling in Colchester. She has a positive outlook, and lots of energy to help overcome some of the more sceptical sectors of our community, and show them how cycling can help them.

SOUTH WEST LONDON BEGINNERS GROUP CTC Volunteer/Voluntary Group of the Year 2004 for London

CTC Beginners started in 1996 because fear of traffic was preventing people from cycling. Twelve CTC members lad rides in and from Nonsuch Park, Cheam, Surrey to show children beginners and adults how easily traffic could be avoided or safely negotiated and to encourage families to enjoy the rewards of cycling together for fun, good health and the environment.

On Saturday afternoons in 2004 more than 40, new and more experienced, cycled with the group including parents wanting their children as young as 7 to be taken on the road. Their rota ensures a choice of rides, each group being in the care of a leader and backmarker. There are about 20 willing leaders, some of whom joined as true beginners and all offer to newcomers friendly advice on position, roadcraft, gears and equipment as required. Many of the leaders started as beginners with the group.

Last year there were Beginners tours abroad and six of the group competed in the Dieppe Raid and brought home a large trophy.

DES RADFORD CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for Wales

Des Radford, now retired, is a founder member of the Swansea and West DA and former DA secretary and a member of the CTC Cymru national committee.

Besides his involvement in CTC activities, Des has been involved with the local council as Right to Ride representative, campaigning for cyclists as a member of a local group Wheel-Rights

After handing over the DA secretary post, Des decided to develop a new section within the DA the Touring and Audux section. This has enabled him to encourage and achieve and increase in membership and the number of members participating in Audax and Touring. During 2004 Des has surpassed himself setting up and leading a wide ranging programme for this new section including:

  • Organising new Audax events in the Swansea area
  • Leading a cycle tour to Ireland
  • CTC Welsh Festival of Cycling ride leader
  • Developing participation and membership by producing a local poster that he distributed throughout the area including doctors surgeries and libraries
  • Co-ordinated and communicated a full programme of rides twice-weekly throughout the year.

As a result of increased Audax participation, the DA has leaped 10 to 15 positions in the DATC competition

VIRGINIA MASON CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for South East England

Virginia Mason was the founding Chair of the East Hampshire Cyclists' Forum. During her term she persuaded East Hampshire District Council to financially support the Forum.

Prior to her standing down as Chairwoman she had started a major project in cycling or walking all proposed/possible cycle routes in the District. This required assessing the routes and alternatives plus putting forward new proposals. She attended GIS training and produced computer generated maps for the entire plan. This document is over 160 pages long and is already providing to be an invaluable aid as planners seek developer contributions.

This culminated this January in the publication by the Council of an approved plan for the District. The Plan is in both paper and disc format and Hampshire County Council officers have stated that the new Cycle Plan is a model of good practice. This is an outstanding instance of co-operation between the Council and cyclists.

During this time Virginia also attended the A3 Hindhead Inquiry speaking for the cyclists needs in a way that was well received by the Inquiry for both its detail and research.

GRAHAM BRODIE CTC Volunteer of the Year 2004 for South West England

Graham Brodie received his award for long term commitment to the Devon DA and the outstanding level achieved in 2004 in the use of the internet to promote the DA, CTC, Audax and other cycling interests. His websites and photography are resource from local to national level.

In 2000 Graham created the imaginative Devon DA website and the South West Audax website. These sites have 1000’s of hits, and local and national CTC enjoy the inevitable benefits of greater profile.

In 2004 Graham and his son Ben cycled from John o’Groats to Lands End over three weeks. Graham uploaded stories of his adventures a few times a day on his new website. Hundreds of hits resulted.

Over the last few years Graham has become an increasingly prolific photographer, regularly appearing in The Highwayman, the CTC magazine ‘Cycle’ and in the Audax magazine. These activities increase the feel-good factor for the section and DA, but equally they promote the activities of a geographically isolated DA.

He has also been a mainstay of the Torbay section and has organised events and rides every year. He has organised an Audax weekend every year since the late 1980’s, introducing many to the pleasures of cycling in Devon.

Highly Commended certificates were also awarded to the following outstanding individuals

  • Sue Coles – Hampshire - South East England
  • Ron Carlton – Cheltenham - South West England
  • Paul Truscott – South East England
  • Wlll Bramhill – Colchester - East of England  
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