Jaki Lowe

Vice Chair

My interest in serving as a Trustee is to be able to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the nation, working at a local and national level in Cycling UK. I see this as an opportunity to work with other Trustees, officials, members and partners to strengthen the heartbeat of cycling nationally and stimulate the pulse locally.

I have been a member of Cycling UK for over 20 years and have a passion for the outdoors, whether on mountain bike, road bike, or on foot. I have always been active to varying degrees and always aspire to do more. This has not always been easy to achieve as like the majority of the population, maintaining balance in my life is a constant challenge. So I do what I can when and where I can. I have in the past cycled with a local group, I have commuted, I have attended rallies and I have completed some great road and MTB tours. In recent years I have cycled locally with friends and whilst away camping and have completed the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride and Tanya’s Challenge both of which are great local events for cyclists of all levels and ages.

I have a custom made Mercian with a sparkly frame which is the envy of many – including a collector at York Cycle Rally! My latest purchase is an e-bike which has extended my cycling experience. Evidence says cycling on an electric bike gives 85% of the benefits of cycling without assistance and is more likely to mean you cycle more and travel further! That’s a win all round. 

Like many people, I am familiar with the daily challenge of juggling work, home and leisure and value the opportunity cycling presents to integrate with daily life, at any level. I work for one of the largest and most successful NHS Trust’s, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, and previously worked as an HR Director for many years although currently focused on transformation and engagement.

So you will probably have gathered I am not a purist but a realist and someone who wants to make being active and in the outdoors achievable for everyone. I believe we will achieve this through safety, accessibility and technology and by glueing it together through social networks. Achieving interest in cycling across diverse groups and making health and wellbeing ‘the job’ of employers is central to achieving success.

In working as a Trustee I have a good bag of transferable skills gained through working in my own HR business as either consultant or interim in both the public and private sector. I have managed large scale transformation and change and constantly seek to link what we do and how we do it to stakeholder needs. I am a coach and enjoy working with others to maximise their potential.

I plan in the next phase of my life to use my knowledge and skills at work and outside of work to maximise my own health and to contribute to the health of others.

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