6 steps to successful fundraising

6 steps to successful fundraising
6 steps to successful fundraising (Credit: johny007pan / shutterstock.com)
When applying for funding it is advisable to follow a simple process to avoid any last-minute changes or extra work. This page gives an overview of an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

1. Project idea

  •  be passionate but realistic about your idea
  •  involve and consult with other members of your organisation or group

2. Action plan

  • write down the idea and all associated activities in a brief but structured document
  • possible headings could include aims and objectives, detailed project description, 'charitable' need for the project, total budget and costs, timescale, monitoring and long-term sustainability of the project

3. Looking for funding sources

  • make contact with the local authority (i.e. city / borough / district / county council) that gives advice and often runs funding surgeries, as well as the local Council for Voluntary Service

4. Produce a funding plan

  • find out more about potential funders and their specific criteria on the internet
  • once you have chosen a list of potential funding sources, prioritise them according to amount of funding, deadlines, date of outcome and likelihood of success

5. Fill in application form / write proposal letter

  • if an application form is provided, make sure you answer all questions and attach supporting documents, e.g. constitution, action plan, bank statements, photos
  • if the funder asks for a proposal letter, briefly describe the project and associated activities as already set out in your action plan and attach supporting documents

6. Monitoring of successful application

  • if you receive an offer for a grant and have signed the grant acceptance form, the project needs to be monitored according to the funder’s criteria, e.g. through regular progress reports
  • think about future funding opportunities before the initial grant has come to an end
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